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Top 10 Wedding First Dance Fails
16 October 2014

Top 10 Wedding First Dance Fails

It's arguably the most important moment on your special day (apart from the "I Do's") and you've probably dreamed of your first dance being the perfect moment for years. These couples probably did too... except the first dance definitely didn't go to plan!

Number 10 - DJ Fail

It seemed this DJs equipment failed during the first dance so his solution was to play the music through his Ford Pickup's stereo system.

Number 9 - DJ Fail

You're on the dance floor with your new husband and everything's going great. You look into each other's eyes and then this happens…

screen shot 2014 10 06 at 9.10.54 pm 497x210

Number 8 - Groom Fail

If you're going to attempt the classic dip and kiss, please make sure you're confident you can nail it!

Number 7 - Sister of Bride Fail

It looks like this family member had a few too many wines during dinner...

Number 6 - What Were You Thinking Fail

Words can't describe this... what on earth were they thinking?!

Number 5 - DJ Fail

If your DJ ever offers to warm up the crowd right before your first dance... say NO!

Number 4 - Wedding Photographer Fail

Of all the people in the room here, the wedding photographer should have been the ONE person who wouldn't have done this...

Number 3 -  Lighting Fail

This couple decided they wanted the theme of their first dance to be 'Ibiza Rave'. The lighting guy here needs to be fired.

Number 2 - Pole Dancing Guest Fail

From bad to worse... this is so cringeworthy it can't be real, but unfortunately it is!

Number 1 - DJ Fail

This is almost unbearable to watch but trust me, stick with it!

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